a retrospective concert program of selected compositions from Mantler's career (until 2006), revised and re-arranged for his "Chamber Music and Songs" ensemble (voice, trumpet, guitar, woodwinds, trombone/ tuba, marimba/ vibraphone, piano/ accordion, string quintet)


     Unsaid (6)   from Hide and Seek

     Alien (1)
   from Alien

     The Hapless Child   
from The Hapless Child
     The Doubtful Guest    

from Many Have No Speech
     Tant de Temps  
     How Long Are Our Nights (Prisonniers)   
     A l'Abattoir  

     When I Run   
from Silence and Live

     Movies 8+3
from Movies

     Quando Un Giorno, Le Ansie, Girovago   
from Cerco Un Paese Innocente

from Concertos


     It's All Just Words   
from Hide and Seek 
     Love Begins
  from The School of Understanding
     What Do You See   
from Hide and Seek  
     Love Continues
  from The School of Understanding
     I Don't Deny It
  from Hide and Seek
     Love Ends   from The School of Understanding  

     Songs 1+3   
from Songs and One Symphony


  from The School of Understanding       


     What Is The Word  
 from Folly Seeing All This and The School of Understanding
     It Makes No Difference To Me  
 from Hide and Seek


                                       program performed at Porgy and Bess, Vienna, September 2006